Shooting For The Stage


Shooting for the Stage Seminar and Workshop: 1 day/evening

Students will receive thorough instruction and practical experience regarding:

-- white balance for the stage lighting

-- angles of action, rule of thirds

-- manipulating depth of field for dramatic effect

-- equivalent exposures

-- better glass = better work

-- tripod versus handheld, implications for speed

First section will last approximately 3 hours, with access to stage and stage lighting appreciated but not mandatory - can be morning or afternoon session

Second section will consist of actually shooting a run-through or photo call. Shooting a run-through is always preferable if possible.

Third section will consist of using the remaining time to critique student work and debrief.

Appropriate audience: College students, Theatre Staff, etc

Participants should have their own (or borrowed) SLR Digital Camera & Lens (no point-and-shoot cameras please)