Corset Making

This workshop can be presented in either one of two formats, either a half-day workshop or a full two-day workshop.

Half Day Workshop:

 Participants will receive written instructions, diagrams, and source suggestions for patterns to use on their own to create steel-boned corsets that create various historic shapes that are as accurate as possible on contemporary people. Examples of the process, step by step, as well as products and supply vendors will be reviewed in detail. Instructions cover corsets from the Renaissance era through 1911.


2 Day Workshop:

 Participants will create a steel-boned corset that forms an hour-glass shape suitable to be worn under costumes from 1830 - 1865 and from the 1890's. Participants will receive written instructions and diagrams, coutil corset fabric, piping, spiral steel bones, tips, grommets, and thread. Host or participants should provide their own sewing machine and good fabric scissors. Instructor will provide grommet setting kit, pliers, and wire cutters to be used during the workshop. Instructor will guide each participant through each step, from re-sizing the pattern to whip-stitching the piping. Participants should have strong, detailed sewing skills. Most should be able to finish the entire project during the workshop, but any who cannot will be able to use the written instructions to finish later. Instructor will explain how to find patterns for other corset shapes and how to use straight steel bones, which can be used in pre-1800 corsets, so that participants will be able to make many more corsets in the future, supporting costumes from the Renaissance era through 1911.