March 2012

Shooting Dance

When you're running just a couple of minutes behind, trying to get set up to shoot a dance concert dress rehearsal, sometimes the biggest decision is "do I want to eat the french fries after they're cold, or the burger?". Hunger makes you focus, focus makes you a better shooter, and therefore hunger... never mind. The most wonderful words in that situation is when the TD or the Stage Manager announces "we're in a 10 minute hold". 

Red Rocks

This shot of yours truly was taken by my good friend Bill McGowan on a recent trip to Red Rocks, which is 15 miles just west of Las Vegas. We were there shooting sunrise, and hoping the clouds would break open just enough to let some rays through. All in all it was a very successful morning, even counting the fact I had to wait for coffee!


More photos from this trip soon, but for now here's a wide angle.

Downloads coming soon!

Tonight and this weekend I will work on uploading sizes that will work for downloading screen savers. For now, i'm fairly happy with everything except the "price" that gets published with each image under Fine Art. I hope it's not confusing to set them all at 19.99, which is where the basic price begins for a 5 x 10 print (shipping anywhere in the Continental US included!). The store module that we're using is great, but it does expect that one-size-fits-all pricing.

It's Alive!

The good folks at my hosting service (Infinite Systems in Lincoln Nebraska) flipped the switch this afternoon, and the website is now live. After literally months of starts and stops and patient handholding by Michelle and Zach, I think we have the makings of a nice little corner of the web. There's a few more things I'm going to tweak this weekend, such as making downloads available for the fine art pieces in case anyone would like to use them as a screen saver, but by and large I'm really happy with the look and feel of things.