February 2012

Production Management + Audio Work Module is up and going!

After a few different false starts on this module, the audio links and photo links are in, and the bio/blurb has been written. I had a tremendous amount of trouble writing about myself in the 3rd person, so I did what any smart husband would do and deferred to my lovely bride Alice for that part! Next up, smashing a blue gremlin which has taken up residence in the video display mod. Video is playing just fine, but it's not obvious how to get it to play, and there's an error message which keeps rearing its' ugly head. But did I mention the amazing duo of Zach & Michelle?

Costume Design and Construction module is up and going!

Wow - can't imagine that fulltime web folks make enough money. We have pulled 12 shows for Alice's online portfolio, and uploaded photos from each. She had to sit and patiently go through each show, choosing the images, and then I had to resize, upload and link them in. What the heck do people do who don't live together when they're building a website?

Maybe that's a new niche waiting to be filled - "Comforts of Home Web Services", where the client and the designer can just live together for the duration of the build so the one is there when the other has a question.