January 2012

Working on the store

Caffeine-driven, motivated and uploading. I hope the store module will be as well received as we plan it to be. 

Portfolio ready to go!

Well, after a couple few late nights and a pretty steep learning curve, the portfolio section of our new site is ready for prime time. Next up, I'll tackle the production area and then the store module. Couldn't do any of this without a lot of help from Michelle and Zach. i can't say enough good things about their patience and skills!

And so it begins...

The uploading of the photos and wording of the work has begun. We've had the site in dev mode for 6 months, time for me to get a move on and upload some content! I'm fairly excited about this project as well as the LRLR.org website. I've put a lot of effort into that one over the last few days, and now feel almost ready to work on this one!