About Us

What do you get when you merge diverse talents which can each stand on their own, but when combined make for a remarkable palette?

Start with talents in sound design, costume design, and production management, weave in a helping of costume construction, technical direction, live event production experience and the skills to record any and all of these events with photography and videography - what do you call that rich tapestry approach to events ranging from live theatre, music and dance to weddings and the creation of fine art pieces? 

We call it a "positive contrast" to the mundane, to the ordinary, and to the boring.

We are Greg Williams and Alice Neff, the husband and wife team behind PositiveContrast. Together, we offer a range of professional and educational services as broad (and deep) as our professional experiences. 

Imagine hiring a professional photography team for your wedding, and if the wedding gown gets torn, you have a professional seamstress on hand, ready to fix it. 

Imagine hiring a pro to come shoot your theatrical production, and at the same time you're able to offer a master class in "shooting for the stage" to your staff or students.

Imagine hiring a professional costume designer or sound designer who actually enjoy script analysis and the satisfaction of getting it just right. 

Imagine hiring a videographer for your project, and at the same time you get professional wardrobe, hair and makeup advice.

Imagine the possibilities. We're positive you'll enjoy the contrast.

Welcome to our site. Feel free to browse around and get to know us better. If you want to know how we spend our "free" time, point your browser over to the Long Reach Long Riders charity motorcycle ride website when you're through here. We enjoy long distance riding, and have been involved with the LRLR since the beginning. We're very proud that the LRLR just broke the $300,000 mark in funds raised for our two great charities. Have a look: www.lrlr.org